School Holidays in Ipswich

Ipswich Fit

This school holiday, we have something for everyone to enjoy. How about visit one of our Ipswich Fit Sports Centres where you can take part in swimming lessons, rugby, rollerskating, family float and so much more! Visit Ipswich Fit for more information.

Ipswich Museums

How about taking part in our Summer of Sound at Ipswich Museum? Make your own instruments and a whole load of noise at Ipswich Museum, Ipswich Art Gallery and Christchurch Mansion. Don’t forget to take a trip down memory lane and visit the Clangers, Bagpuss & Co Exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery.

Ipswich Parks

There’s also a load of activities at our parks. Visit the Kids Fun Beach at Christchurch Park and take part in a host of fun day’s at Holywells Park. Enjoy Picnics, Outdoor Cinema and even a Petting Zoo.

Crown Pools

Whitton Sports Centre

Northgate Sports Centre


Ipswich Museum

Christchurch Park


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