Monday 12 - Friday 23 August

St Peter's Dock, Ipswich Waterfront


10am-6pm on Sat-Sun 

Street Entertainment at St Peter’s Dock 

For two weeks at St Peter’s Dock, live performers will be in action to entertain you! Come along to the Waterfront to see living statues, dancers, magicians, circus acts and more. 

These performances are made possible by funding from the Coastal Communities Fund.


Programme Schedule

Monday 12 August

Victorian Clown Mime Artists

Showman Circus 

Tuesday 13 August

Alex Fisher (Street Magician) 

Wednesday 14 August

Alex Fisher (Street Magician) 

Thursday 15 August

Clown Living Statue

Charlie Chaplin Living Statue 

Friday 16 August

Acrobatic Juggling Duo 

Saturday 17 August

Acrobatic Juggling Duo 

Sunday 18 August

Alex Fisher (Street Magician) 

Monday 19 August

Alex Fisher (Street Magician) 

Tuesday 20 August

Mime Artist Inc

Chinese Fan Dancers 

Wednesday 21 August

The Emerald Irish Dancers

Skate Crew UK 

Thursday 22 August

Hedge People

Dancing Mirror People 

Friday 23 August

Patch – A Royal Ascot Fool 

St Peter's Dock