Family Fun Days

Sunday 28 July - Tuesday 20 August 2019

Ipswich Museum, Christchurch Mansion and Ipswich Art Gallery

Various session times

Summer of Science

Enjoy a summer of activities inspired by the Marvellous Machines exhibition at Ipswich Art Gallery. There is always lots to see at Ipswich Museum and Art Gallery and Christchurch Mansion. Explore and be inspired with a series of science-themed events. 

Many events are free drop-in, but those that are bookable can be booked online at

Build the Ensemble Workshop 

Ipswich Art Gallery | Sunday 28 July & Thursday 22 August 10am-12pm | Age 6+ | Free drop-in  

Help us put together a giant automata made from all sorts of weird and wonderful parts!


Ipswich Museum | Tuesday 30 & Wednesday 31 July | Age 4+ | Book online

Enter the inflatable star dome and learn more about the solar system, constellations and mythology. 

Get Snappy: Create a Camera 

Christchurch Mansion | Thursday 1 August | Age 5+ | Book online

Discover how early photography was used and build your own pinhole camera. 

Meet the Robots 

Ipswich Art Gallery | Sunday 4 August 11am-3pm | Free drop-in  

Join Ipswich Makerspace to drive, programme and learn about making robots. 

Discovery Day: Fossils 

Ipswich Museum | Tuesday 6 August 10.30am-2pm | Free drop-in  

Explore fascinating animals and plants that lived millions of years ago. 

Build Your Own Automata 

Ipswich Art Gallery | Wednesday 7 August | Age 5+ | Book online

Take inspiration from the creations on display to make your own automata. 

Blood and Bones

Christchurch Mansion | Thursday 8 August | Age 6+ | Book online

Our Tudor surgeon will be letting you in on the gory secrets of medieval medicine. 

Coder Dojo 

Ipswich Art Gallery | Sunday 11 August 10.30am-12.30pm, 1.30-3.30pm | Age 7-17 | Book online

Join Ipswich Makerspace and tinker with Raspberry Pi, code in Python or create games in Scratch. 

Discovery Day: Animals and Bugs 

Ipswich Museum | Tuesday 13 August 10.30am-2pm | Free drop-in

We’ll have lots of our natural history collections out for you to explore. 

Lego Creations 

Ipswich Art Gallery | Wednesday 14 August | Age 6-12 | Book online 

Be inspired by the displays to make a Lego model of your favourite object. 

Tick Tock: Create a Clock

Christchurch Mansion | Thursday 15 August | Age 5+ | Book online  

Design and make your own clock inspired by the historic ones in the Mansion. 

Discovery Day: Forensics 

Ipswich Museum | Tuesday 20 August 10.30am-2pm | Age 6+ | Free drop-in

Search the museum for clues and use your forensic skills to solve a mystery! 

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